Mathwig Event Barn

Our Barn is located on private property so if you are interested in a 

tour, please email us to schedule. Thank you for understanding.

When we originally purchased the Mathwig Farm there was a beautiful barn in great condition on the property. We started using it as a place for our large family to have picnics and Christmas parties. We then had friends that wanted to borrow it. Then eventually came our first wedding. Now over 10 years later we are blessed to be able to rent it solely as a wedding venue.

Our beautiful barn is perfect for almost any style of wedding. From casual, to elegant to rustic and vintage, it can be molded to fit your dream wedding. 

A few details:

-Your Weekend Rental is from Thursday- Noon on Sunday

-It includes the tables and chairs for inside the barn

-You will be responsible for the rental of chairs or straw bale/quilt seating for the ceremony

-You are responsible for the decorating, caterer, DJ, photographer etc.

-No restrictions on hours of use during your Thursday-Noon on Sunday Rental

-The barn does not have air conditioning or heating

-There is a partial kitchen with a sink and full size refrigerator

-The barn will hold 150 people comfortably, and 175 max

Tables Available/Included

(21)   5ft Round Tables

(8)  8ft Rectangular Tables

(6)  6ft Rectangular Tables

(175) Beige Metal Folding Chairs

         Dates are booking quickly so please check our “availability” page and call for more information!